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The most innovative nonfiction books ever created for young children.
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Moonlight and First Discoveries

Since 1982 Moonlight Publishing has been creating new kinds of illustrated information books for children in English language. Reference books for children provide a lot of interesting facts answering the questions what?, where?, when? and who? . Moonlight does this too but has always put the emphasis on answering the key questions how? and why? - how things work, why the world is as it is, how different facts are related to one another and why people and things interact in everyday life as they do.

From the start our aim has been to demonstrate why and how visually with excellent design and illustrations accompanied by simple, straightforward texts. We have benefited from the extraordinary creativity of our partner, Gallimard-Jeunesse, and the outstanding illustrators, who have assured our growing success over the last twenty years.

In each book we have consciously set out to capture the imagination of our young readers so that they become fascinated by what they discover and want to find out more about the subject. Discovery has always been the theme behind our publishing and most of our series are named accordingly.

Over 40 million First Discovery books have been sold in 30 languages around the world, which proves that the appeal of these books is universal. This is because parents and teachers have found that using First Discovery books can help children develop not only understanding and knowledge but also concepts and skills. They are now widely used by children between five and ten to learn English